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How to Use Our Patterned Vinyl

– Choose the design you wish to cut

– DO NOT reverse your design

– Place the patterned vinyl onto your cutting mat coloured side facing up

– Cut using auto settings for the type of vinyl you have eg. htv, self adhesive, glitter etc

– If unsure of cut settings do a test cut first

– Cut vinyl as required, then weed your design

– Use the corresponding application/transfer sheet to place on top of weeded design and burnish/rub so you can then lift your design off the backing sheet,

place design on the item you are creating

– If using adhesive, rub over design to help it adhere to item

– If using HTV, press at 145°C for approx 15 seconds and peel warm or a high cotton setting on your iron, firm pressure, test first

– If using Glitter HTV, same as above but let it cool slightly before peeling



OUR SELF ADHESIVE VINYL – Grafiprint M112P white gloss permanent print vinyl is for outdoor or indoor applications requiring up to 3 years life – 100µ white gloss Monomeric PVC film, High-quality, water based acrylic permanent adhesive.

OUR HEAT TRANSFER VINYL – Colorprint PU Gloss, from Siser, is specifically formulated for ink jet solvent and eco solvent based inks where printing and cutting are required.  Colorprint PU is made from a very light and thin polyurethane material. Gloss finish – Hot peeling – Ideal for cotton or polyester.

OUR HOLOGRAPHIC SELF ADHESIVE VINYL – Gorgeous patterns printed on self adhesive holographic vinyl. Colours may vary due to the holographic nature of the vinyl. This vinyl has a 3-5 year outdoor durability depending on installation procedures and environmental conditions.

OUR GLITTER HTV – Please note: colour saturation will not be as high as regular HTV due to the glitter content. (Colours will be slightly lighter and this product is not suitable for dark coloured patterns). This glitter print product can be cut using your normal Glitter HTV Settings. DO NOT reverse your design, cut colour side up on your mat, use the high tack transfer tape, 155*C Press 30 seconds (recommended by manufacturer), cool peel, wash cold only, iron inside out.

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